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For over 25 years PM has produced only the highest quality brake systems for motorcycles. Through strenuous race track development and a continual push for innovative products PM has stayed on top of the industry and continues to supply the best brake systems available. The heart of PM's quality is in the design and function of the brake caliper. Every PM caliper housing is CNC machined from billet aluminum and boast a no flex design. Caliper pistons are precision machined micro finish stainless steel and our piston seals are custom manufactured rubber designed to withstand the daily torture of heat, movement and brake fluid. Racing has exposed a need for differential bore sizes which use a larger trailing piston to compensate for uneven pad wear under high heat applications. PM has introduced this technology to the public in several four and six piston calipers ensuring smooth powerful braking with even pad wear. Performance Machine has several two, four and six piston dual action calipers for a variety of applications in either clear anodized standard finish or a mirror shine polished finish.


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Most PM calipers are available in polished, chrome and Black Contrast Cut.


Performance Machine has a reputation for supplying only the highest quality polishing on all of its components. Each polisher at PM takes pride in supplying a top quality finish to every product. The high luster finish is easy to maintain.


Show chrome is what you get with every PM chrome product. The secret is in the preparation! Each raw part is polished to a mirror like finish before the chrome is even laid on! This process allows PM to create ultra smooth and durable chrome plated parts. Lustrous finish is easy to maintain with proper maintenance and care. Includes a two year warranty on chrome plating.

Black Contrast Cut

For those who prefer a more subtle look with less shine, PM offers most calipers in Black Contrast Cut. Much like PM's chromed brakes, each raw part goes to their polishing department first, creating a mirror like finish before the anodizing is done! The result is an exceptionally smooth finish. After anodizing, the product is machined again to expose the raw aluminum of the PM logo.