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Fuel tank removal is often required for service and diagnostics. Additionally, the tank may need to be off while the engine is running, especially for testing purposes. This presents a problem for fuel injection systems that have the fuel pump in the tank. to deal with this. The "plug and play" solution from Jims is this compact remote billet fuel tank that accepts air pressure from an air compressor to supply correctly pressurized fuel to the EFI system. Unlike the gravity feed tanks used with carburetor systems, this EFI tank solution is designed to safely handle the required air pressure. Once pressurized, the air supply can be disconnected, making it completely mobile and can run a motorcycle. The system includes all the necessary OEM fittings to plug directly into the fuel rail, valve and air pressure gauge. The tank can be easily hung from the handlebars or attached to a wall, work bench or rollaway tool chest. Works with all Fuel Injected Harley models, except V-Rod.


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Pressurized fuel bottle

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