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The most asked for item for open belt drives was a belt guard that covers the belt and moving stuff, but where anybody still can see that it is an open belt drive. As we all know, open belt drives are way cool, but can also be a bit dangerous to bell bottom jeans and long scarves. The engineers at Rivera Primo Inc. have been pouring over technical manuals, going to plastics seminars, studying star charts and generally sitting in conference rooms trying to come up with such a thing as an invisible force field for an open belt drive. Here is what they came up with: a polycarbonate, optically clear, UV resistant, shatter resistant outer guard that fits almost any open belt drive: The TransparaGuard. It protects you fully from the moving parts, but allows everyone to see that you indeed have an Open Belt Drive. It's a beautiful thing, and what's more, you can paint, machine, engrave or just stare at the TransparaGuard anytime you like. Available as a universal guard only, or as a TÜV approved kit, complete with studs and brackets for Primo open belt drives that can also be used for most other belt drives.

All TransparaGuards come undrilled.


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Complete TÜV approved kit with brackets and studs

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