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In the mid eighties the 11mm belt kit with 31 tooth engine pulley and 47 tooth clutch pulley was introduced. The large pitch tooth profile is preferred by many users. For the belt adjustment kits for aluminum-primary include a BDL idler that makes sure belt tension is correct, tin primary models use transmission adjustment for correct tension.


Belt kit 1 1/2" wide 11mm pitch
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Kick start taper shaft 1936-1954
Kick start splined shaft 1955-1964
Kick start splined shaft (includes idler) 1965-1984
Electric start (includes idler) 1965-1984
Electric start 5 Speed (includes idler) 1979-1984
Electric start 4 Speed (includes idler) 1979-1984 (belt final drive)
Replacement belt (99 T.) for kit: 740107, 740108, 740109, 740110 and 740112
Replacement belt (92 T.) for kit: 740111

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Due to the wide application and fitting variations of primary and final belts, Zodiac can not accept any claim for warranty as, no matter how long they have been used and no matter what the defect is, belts are not covered by any manufacturer warranty. To avoid any complications we suggest that belts should be installed by a qualified mechanic.