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If you are talking about a custom built frame kit that can take a real "Big-Bad-Fat-Tire" you must be talking about our "Super-Ass" frame kits. The frames used in these kits are our TÜV approved Kraft/Tech Softail style frames with 1 1/4" tubing but supplied complete with a swingarm wide enough to accept Avon's Super wide 230 tire and still be able to use the stock final belt drive. This tire, that measures 250mm wide on an 8" wide rim, will go straight in the Swingarm. When using the 2000 to present 1 1/8" wide final belt drive you can even mount Avon's trick 250 tire on a 9" wide rim. These frame and Swingarm combinations are not only the best looking kits available, they also handle very well and withstand the most severe stress, vibration and fatigue tests. It is normal practice that the engine and transmission combination fits this frame without grinding, drilling or any other modification. You can be assured that this frame is the best and nothing but the best. The steering head has a rake of 30 degrees and all mounts for side stand and forward controls are welded in place. Kraft/Tech frames also have the transmission mounting plate welded in the frame in the stock position for more strength and to reduce the chance of broken inner primaries. Frames are fully Tig-Welded for superior strength. Due to the variety of custom made wheels, axle spacers are not included. Frame kits come complete with frame, swingarm, stainless swingarm pivot bolt with chrome spacer and bearing kit, chrome rear wheel axle and stainless steel protection plates for swingarm, engine and shocks. All parts are separately available. Fender struts must be cut from the frame and replaced with custom fender struts. Fender struts and a 25mm primary offset kit or 25mm offset transmission must be ordered separately. Offset kit is for use with 1994 thru 1999 style transmission, primary and clutch. Can also be used with 1991 thu 1993 transmission when installed with a 1994 thru 2006 style transmission main drive gear.
Kraft/Tech stock style Softail frames with 34 degree or 38 degree rake and a 2" up stretch are available on special order. These special ordered frames have the same quality features as the stock frames, including TÜV approval. Ask your Zodiac dealer for more details.



Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
236695 Complete Super-Ass frame kit, TÜV approved 37 007,81 kr
Replacement kit parts
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
751445 Kraft/Tech Evolution Softail frame 17 103,88 kr
236687 Swingarm only (TÜV approved) 16 731,80 kr
237653 Stainless pivot bolt with chrome spacers 869,84 kr 695,87 kr
236432 Super-Ass rear axle with washers and nut, chrome 1 222,28 kr
238763 Stainless swingarm plate 610,58 kr
Optional parts
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
236444 Super-Ass fender struts, raw steel 1 536,10 kr
700889 25mm primary offset kit 12 602,28 kr

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